About NerdyConnect

The platform is 100% safe bi idhnillah. No photos or contact details are shared until there is a match and both parties are okay with the profile information of both parties involved. No communication between the 2 parties without us in the know. All initial communication is made via a secured platform with I, Nerdymuslim been the third party.
Registration is free for basic but if you want a concierge service that includes access to a counsellor then you have to pay a one-time fee. No Monthly fees or anything extra.


Step one: is to share profiles based on what both parties must have filled in their questionnaire. Connection to someone is based on what you fill. I will advise don’t be too demanding in what you want. We won’t match you with anyone outside of your demands.
Step 2: Once you have seen a profile that interests you, Then the image will be shared among the two parties provided they are both interested in taking it to the getting to know stage.

Step 3: Sisters need to confirm with their mahrams that they are happy to take it further.
-Admin organises a meeting between the brother, sister and if possible the mahram. Either physical or via Skype
-A meeting is mediated by request.
-Any questions they have been asked and they get to see each other and hear each other face to face.
-Upon completion of the first meeting,
-If one or both parties are not happy to take it further, they contact admin and we let the other party know.
-If they are both happy to continue, the mahram of the sister takes on the role of mediator if possible and they take it from there.
**It is the families responsibility to contact referees and find out more about the other party.
***We don’t guarantee anyone or vouch for anyone
reason and filing,
Alhamdulillah, we have done our best to make this platform as halal as possible Bi Idhni Allah.


We require a government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth ( e.g driver’s license, passport or national identification card) or /an official business document license, filing, recent utility bill, article of incorporation )in order to review your request.

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Nerdymuslim Nerdyconnect Islamic Counselling service

Conflict is natural and inevitable in marriages, and Muslim couples are not immune. The question remains for both Muslim and non-Muslim couples: Why do we fight? A primary reason for all conflict is dysfunction to ‘normal development in childhood referring to social relationships. The Muslim family often focuses on education, academic persistence and career; however, the children are not always taught life skills. This is where the problem arises – the individual is unsure how to build a functional relationship with others resulting in a couple’s conflict.

In shaa Allaah, we will be launching a free counselling service soon to focus on depression, marriage counselling, abuse, family conflict, among other related fields. I have partnered with some set of counsellor, Ustadh, legal advisers. We will be working with Muslim couples to transcend their most common sources of conflicts such as communication, work, money, intimacy, parenting, extended family, culture and religion.
We are currently working on building a booking platform into the Nerdymuslim platform where you can book an appointment and schedule a time.
This will solely be virtual. No physical meeting except when it is so so important