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Conflict is natural and inevitable in marriages, and Muslim couples are not immune. The question remains for both Muslim and non-Muslim couples: Why do we fight? A primary reason for all conflict is dysfunction to ‘normal development in childhood referring to social relationships. The Muslim family often focuses on education, academic persistence and career; however, the children are not always taught life skills. This is where the problem arises – the individual is unsure how to build a functional relationship with others resulting in a couple’s conflict.

In shaa Allaah, we will be launching a free counselling service soon to focus on depression, marriage counselling, abuse, family conflict, among other related fields. I have partnered with some set of counsellor, Ustadh, legal advisers. We will be working with Muslim couples to transcend their most common sources of conflicts such as communication, work, money, intimacy, parenting, extended family, culture and religion.
We are currently working on building a booking platform into the Nerdymuslim platform where you can book an appointment and schedule a time.
This will solely be virtual. No physical meeting except when it is so so important

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